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May, oh you sneaky little thing.
I can’t believe summer is almost here and that means finally getting a bronze-ish color back on my skin. I will admit that while I do not miss the humidity and suffocating heat of the south I do miss the warm days of being able to lay out in the back yard and start on my tan. This month is all about some transition. I’ll be starting to pack and move things along with my brother graduating from his masters program (yesterday!!) GO LANDO!!!, with visiting Eddie’s family, and just all around transition-type-stuff. HA!
Right this moment we’re about to grab a bagel and load the car up and go take a look at our new place.
I’m really excited to get out of base housing and into a litttttllleeee bit more updated apartment. #ItsTheLittleThings

Baking |  Does buying cookies from a bakery count? I’ve been hitting up Lil’s cafe for some of their scrumptious sea salt chocolate chip cookies. They are SO GOOD. I’m thinking of going to get a few dozen and shoving them in this flamingo cookie jaruh yes a flamingo cookie jar!

Listening to | Paramore’s new song – Hard Times – it is so dang catchy! Also I totally felt a little saved by the bell-ish watching it! Speaking of saved by the bell, I’m planning on getting this shirt to rock at the gym, GOOOOO BAYSIDE!

Loving | These pretty kitchen things and rustic wooden ladders made my heart smile. Also this green shiplap is kind of amazing.

Planting |  I’m all about some artificial plants (hello black thumb!) and this olive tree is at the top of the list. I am really thinking of getting some herbs planted for our kitchen – things that are easily transportable or that if they die I won’t be weeping.

Remembering | To be present and joyful in the small and big moments. When you’re only able to spend small amounts of time with your spouse, with your friends, with just anything really I’m reminding myself to be joyful and not bitter. To change my attitude if it stinks and to just be THANKFUL I get to do life with an amazing human being who is opening up the door for many adventures to come.

Linking up with Anne and Nancy.
What are you currently up to?!
What life lessons do you feel like you’re learning – I love learning together!

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