The Why

I’ve been doing a lot of introspective processing lately. I’ve felt this kind of lack of understanding the whole social media and blog world and it’s left me feeling rather defeated.

Let me back up for a moment.
When I re-launched Taking Steps Home with a new website and in turned stepped up my instagram – I think my “following” actually decreased. So I suppose I had the bright idea to launch Fedeli again and create an instagram for that….only to be left feeling like a flop.

I found myself listening to all of this marketing advice and attempting to, when I could, organically integrate it. Which led to me trying to find more relevant hashtags and follow new inspiring accounts. It made me look at my blog as a mistake which in turn spiraled me into this place of frustration.

Last week I decided that if I did post on instagram, I wasn’t going to hashtag; let’s call it a small social experiment. You want to know the results? It was really hit or miss; but also really comparable to the interaction I was already getting. Which brought me to the conclusion: being someone i’m not just doesn’t work.

I think y’all can small when I’m being unauthentic.
I think (and maybe I’m wrong) but that 90% of the people who read my ramblings probably miss more of the “this is my life” type posts and would like to see them more integrated in with the fluff stuff.
Then the rabbit hole opened up and I realized I haven’t really shared my soul in a while and y’all probably have no idea why I’m posting fluff instead of the nitty gritty. After a few deep breaths I also had to remember that we are all in different areas of life; some married, some single, some with children, some wanting children and some (like me) unsure of the whole child thing. There are also the spiritually on fire and the broken spirited; the health fanatic and the person avoiding it at all costs. There are so many labels that it’s kind of sickening, am’i’right?

I know this is a lot of rambling….but I guess it all boils down to “the why”.
Why am I blogging?
Why am I taking the time, money, and heartache that comes with writing words down on this website.
Honestly? Because when I actually make time for it, and do it from a real and honest place, it is extremely cathartic.

So, I promise to sit down this week and get real for a moment; and I’m starting today with a little rambling session. 😉
You’re welcome

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