Tendercrop Farms – The Red Barn

When Eddie & I stumbled across this place my heart skipped a beat.
Tendercrop Farm is truly something dreams are made of. The older I get and more educated I become on healthy living I recognize how important not only eating fresh is but supporting our local farmers. Eddie kind of laughed at me because I was wide eyed and opened mouthed looking through every corner of this place. I really had to be intentional to not buy every single item.
Some of my current favorites from this place are their pierogi, fresh dill pickles (SOME OF THE BEST PICKLES EVER!), dried flowers, sweets, and their meat and veggies.
Ok so I like it all.

I love peeking into their greenhouse to see what all is growing (ohhhhh flowers!), as well as skipping around the animal area (THEY HAVE ALPACAS!) and seeing all the cute fury faces! Embracing local is something I used to do in Charleston as often as I could and I’m loving that these places we’re moving to also have huge local movements. When we move to our next place this will definitely be one of the places I miss visiting!

What are some of your favorite local places to visit?
Do you have any local farms in your area that sell their produce and meats?!?!?

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