Spring Favorites

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Spring is here.
It may not feel like it since it literally just snowed this past weekend; but the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds.
Heck, I even rode with my sunroof open the other day and even, gasp, got a little warm from the rays – it was g.l.o.r.i.o.u.s!
When the warmer weather starts to roll in I am brought back to my childhood days and find myself day dreaming of being outside of hours and starting fresh.
There is something about that first thaw after winter – and the small season of opening your windows to a refreshing breeze that just fills your home with this clean scent.
Taking your seedlings from inside to outside to begin your garden and eating all of the leafy veggies and delicious fruit because they just taste better.

So now that spring has sprung (yes I did) I wanted to share with you some of my recent favorites.
Succulents in terrarium boxes, or even these cute planters, different honey for different recipes (we also LOVE local honey as it helps with allergies), some sweet florals, and a way to always stay hydrated. I mean come on guys – how could you not get all smiley and excited with warm weather and green everywhere?!?!

What is your favorite thing about the spring season?
Do you have any traditions that come around this time every year?

Boxwood wreathe || Insulated Water Bottle || Off-The-Shoulder Tee || Silk Peonies
Bees Knees Honey Trio || Orange Tree || Terrarium || Succulents

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