Portland, ME

A few weeks ago one of my childhood best friends came to visit Maine.
To say i was much needed and amazing would be an understatement. I picked her up at the airport early on a Friday morning and we spent the next two days exploring the coastline and eating way too many delicious treats.
I had yet to visit Portland Maine and with an adventure buddy we made it happen.
On the way we stopped at the Portland Headlight to catch a glimpse at another light house, see the grounds, and stretch our legs.
The rocky beaches and the blue hued water were stunning.
This chill laced the air and the melted snow left mud on the ground – it’s one of the most pretty parks I’ve seen since I’ve been up here.

We galavanted into Portland Maine.
Trying to find a parking spot was a smidge intense. The parking garages were SO DANG EXPENSIVE and we ended up finding a lot where we paid the meter. We didn’t really plan a day so we kind of walked aimlessly around. We grabbed lunch at this cute little Thai place, Mi Sen Noodle Bar, that was beyond scrumptious and rested our feet after a long day of walking around. We ended up doing more walking around but felt kind of lost, the temperature was dropping and there really was only one other place I knew I wanted to see – The Holy Donut.
Ok guys, this place was so beyond delicious.
By the time they got there they had sold out of a lot of their donuts (they are seriously in that high demand), but I got the dark chocolate donut and Ashlee got I think a maple donut.
Portland wasn’t exactly what I expected.
Maybe it’s because we didn’t plan the day that we ended up feeling, let down.
Not necessarily let down, but maybe more like meh. I’ve heard so many good thing about the city so I really think we just didn’t plan our visit well.
So if you have any Portland, ME tips I would love to hear them!

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