Morning Toast

It is seriously one of my FAVORITE meals of the day.
Ok, if we are being real – all food is my favorite meal of the day; I just really love eating.
Which is my problem, the girl likes to to eat.
A long time ago I realized I had a really bad relationship with food, an addiction really.
Learning how to look at food as fuel instead of happiness or any other emotion filler is a struggle. Reminding myself that just because I’m bored doesn’t mean I have to snack, or that hey I literally just ate 30 minutes ago, so no I am NOT hungry – girl just drink that  glass of water is not the easiest thing to do.
Food is fuel.
It won’t make me happy, it won’t calm my fears, it won’t keep me company.
It can fuel me to move more, to strive for better, and to enjoy the life the Lord has given me – or it can hinder me and hold me back and make me feel insecure. I don’t want to give something as needed as food that much power over my emotions. So I have been working on having a healthier relationship with it.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been sporadically picking days where I instagram story my food intake for the day – it really helps me with accountability. You may have also noticed that this toast has truly been on the docket all the time (this and smoothies). It’s super simple to make – and really requires zero instructions but here is a run down of how I make my breakfast toast:

+ Pull toast out of freezer and put into toaster
+ Make my scrambled eggs adding in my current favorite spices
+ Slather on some guac – because it makes everything betteR
+ Top it with a crack or two of pepper and himalayan pink sea salt
+ Eat that sucker
+ ….maybe make more for lunch

What are some of your favorite healthy meals you love to make?

  • Thanks for sharing! I get where you’re coming from with reminding yourself it’s just fuel and nothing more. It’s tough to remember!

    Happy Easter!

    • It is so so so tough to remember that!

  • I make a similar breakfast, except I do my egg fried and over easy, so you get the nice gooey yolk over everything 🙂

    I also like doing a breakfast sandwich and frying an egg (again) with a bit of melted cheese on top and putting that between two slices of whole wheat bread. It’s a winner!

      They are so tasty!
      And mmmmmmmm to breakfast sandwhichs! <3

  • I’m with you I LOVE breakfast. I sort of prefer to start out eating more and by dinner eat light. Though, for some reason, avocado toast isn’t a staple of mine despite the fact that I love avocados!

    • It’s just so tasty!
      I definitely am trying to eat more in the morning and less by the evening…it’s something I think would really help me – it’s just making it happen -__-

  • I LOVE avocado toast!

    • ME TOO! it’s so dang good!