Friday Finds

I’m trying to draft out a new schedule for this upcoming week.
May is going to be FULL of crazy. With slowly moving our stuff to saying goodbye to eddie for a little bit to possibly flying home, to packing and unpacking – it’s just going to be a lot. But I’m excited for another change of pace, the possibility of meeting new people and finding a part time job. There are really good things that come out of new seasons in life. So this weekend will be full of bringing empty boxes into the house, a possible photo session, hopefully soaking up some sunshine, and some nighttime cuddles with the hubs.
p.s. some of these links are affiliant links, but all opinions are my own.

+ Is this not the cutest way to organize and show off your beauty products?

+ This bathtub caddy is on my “want list” for the next apartment. I love baths and love reading in them but I often drop books sooooooooo this is a perfect solution.

+ When I dream of having a home studio – this is part of it!

+ I never thought I would like pink in a bathroom….but this looks pretty nice!

+ I literally can not stop eating these protein bars! THEY ARE SO GOOD.

+ I’ve really been feeling like I need to do another DIY soon (maybe once I move?!) so i am looking through my pinterest board to figure out which one to choose.

You may have missed….

+ Fedeli has re-opened

+ Right now

+ The hours leading up to our ceremony – Amy

+ My spring favorites

+ Portland Maine

Have a lovely weekend!

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