Starting Fresh

Shout out to BHU Protein Bar for sending me these protein bars.

You wanna know something?
This healthy lifestyle is seriously a journey.
I know I’ve said that time and time again but with the wedding and move now over I’m trying to get back on the horse.
I’ve spent far too long staring at myself in the mirror pointing out all of my flaws and areas of frustration without actively trying to pursue health. For months before the wedding I was so stressed and pulled in so many directions I hadn’t been meal planning or cooking and workouts were so sporadic I lost all muscle definition and energy to even complete an intense workout.

Enough is enough, the time has come to get back on the ball and start back with healthy eating and working out consistently.
Eddie & I joined planet fitness (it made the most sense with 3 moves in one year to find a location close to our new homes) recently and I started off really strong but have been struggling the last week or so. With Eddie working A LOT we are trying to find nights where we can go together and encourage one another.

I’m trying my best to find meals and snacks that are clean/real food and not processed junk. My favorite go-to meals are any sort of roasted vegetables (with any meat!), eggs with brown rice, or crockpot anything. Some of my favorite snacks are freeze-dried fruit, home made trail mix, and organic protein bars, some fresh fruit with almond butter and cinnamon, and plantain chips!

I just posted a new youtube video yesterday to really give myself some accountability.
It was a super scary thing for me to actually put out there and it required me to be vulnerable and actually say “y’all I’m struggling and I’ve got to change.” Have you been there? When you’re just boiling over and you have to get it out there before you burst.
That’s me, that’s where I am right now.
I want to feel healthy and strong and capable and confident.
I want to really push myself, even when it hurts and even when i really don’t want to.

So thank y’all for always being this place of safety for me.
For allowing me to really pull back the smoke and mirrors and say “this sucks right now, but i’m going to change”.
I have always been a strong advocate for being raw and real with others – and I’m getting back to my roots on this, no more sugar coating.
Three cheers for Monday.

  • I wish I had something useful to add, but really I just found this post uplifting. It’s never the wrong time to seek a fresh start. And it’s okay to treat every day as a fresh start and not beat yourself up if you have an off day. Best of luck as you venture forth–I think you’d have a pretty good accountability community here if you want one. I am also on a health journey this year/lately. 🙂

    • ::hugs::
      Kate, thank you girl.
      It is definitely never the wrong time to seek a fresh start – that is absolutely the truth.
      I’m also learning more and more how MUCH accountability and community I have here. <3
      WOOHOO! What are some of the things you've learned on your healthy journey so far?!

  • Oh gosh, good question. I spent some time pondering this before responding.

    I think the main thing is that I’m constantly reminding myself that moderation is so much better than obsession/restriction. I gave up sugar for a month to sort of hit the re-set button and I ended up loving it. Now I’m eating sugar again but I’m trying to choose times when I having it will enhance my experience of life versus just eating it because someone put stale muffins in the break room. So, for example, when a friend brought over homemade carrot cake a few weeks ago to share over conversation, my gut reaction was to say “oh no, I can’t have that!” because I had just finished my sugar-free month; then I realized that this was exactly the time I should be letting myself enjoy a treat–it was an experience shared with a friend, not just idle bored eating. So I had cake, savored every bite, and then felt okay not having any more.

    I am a big believer in the simple lifestyle represented in this quote by Michael Pollen: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” (I seriously recommend his book “In Defense of Food” if you’re looking for a new/healthy way of looking at food and not just a temporary diet.) I think it’s easy to start obsessing, but I do think deep down we know what’s good and what’s not and we should trust how our body feels after we eat to guide our future food choices. PHEW that was wordy! sorry! Feel free to email me any time if you want to chit chat more. I’m certainly not trying to preach because I’m still learning and re-learning every day. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what you learn and want to share.

    • Yes to that moderation! I have learned that myself.
      Learning when to live life vs when to cut back is definitely a hard lesson to learn, but one that we should! 🙂
      I will definitely look into that book! It sounds absolutely awesome – and I definitely believe in eating raw/clean food and eating God made food – ground grown and grown fed – vs processed and doused in chemicals.