Portsmouth, NH | Snow Fall

I’ve been told that Spring is here now? Oh reallyyyy…..
We actually have had a few warmer days around Maine but I did see a few snowflakes creeping their way into our future weather forecast in the next week. I guess we shall see.
Being able to live in the Northeast for the tail end of the winter season really has been different.
The snow, the cold, the frigid wind, the slippery ice – it is actually all quite glorious.
Yes, glorious.
This southern girl LOVES snow.
I still geek out when it starts to fall and smoosh my face against the cold window pain tracing shapes into the glass. It is just so magical to me – this beautiful stillness that you just can’t replicate. Maybe if I spent more than one or two winters up north my attitude would change – but for now I’ll just be the super excited chick prancing around in the snow.

Before Eddie started shiftwork we were spending our down time exploring around town with me clutching his arm so I didn’t slip on the ice (still learning to find confidence in my footing). Downtown Portsmouth, NH is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities. It’s small and intimate yet full of fun shops and cute cafes. It’s also sprinkled with some of the most beautiful homes and buildings. It feels like ever 200 feet I was making Eddie slow down so I could take a picture or seven.
Being on this new adventure of life together is beautiful and challenging and full of unknowns.
We’re learning all about balance and how to find joy in the biggest and smallest moments.
Learning, learning, learning.
All while exploring where we’re planted.