Maine Home | Entry

This place is starting to feel like home.
I continue to find out how hard it can be to put a personal stamp on a rental property.
When I walk through the front door I want our home to feel comfortable, inviting, and cozy; which is challenging to do when you can’t paint the walls and have school tile flooring. Eddie and I love crisp details, wood tones, and bright/moody color pallets that envelope you. There were three must-haves for this space: a mirror, a rug, and sturdy coat hangers.

Would you like to learn one thing I’ve learned since moving up north during the winter?
Outside is messy, which I love. What I don’t love is when you bring that mess inside – especially when it’s snow/mud slush that gets all caked into your entry way rug and is a pain in the butt to get out. Enter Lorena Canals washable rugs, yes washable rugs.
They use non-toxic dies and 100% cotton fabric to hand craft each and every rug so you know you’re getting a quality product.
The lowdown: it really works.
I’ve already washed our rug once since we received it and thrown it in the dryer another 2 times (I dislike seeing dirt clumps haha) and it comes out pristine every time. You throw it in the washer to get it nice and clean, then the dryer, and it comes out ready to lay flat and if there are any stragglers you just cut the loose strands (don’t pull!). This is also one of Tobi’s favorite spot to lay – I didn’t place him here.

After finding the rug we pulled together all of these other wonderful pieces to make an entry way that will be able to move with us as we go from home to home in the next few years!
The details of this entry way make me so happy – the wood tone of this mirror paired with the gold frame basically sings to me.
Y’all I LOVE the fact that our entry way is full of hand-crafted items.
The rug, the mirror, and the huge banner remind me how amazing people are.
People CREATE these things – dream them up, put them together, and send them to others to help make their house a home.
Fun fact: the banner was hung at our wedding as well.
The lyric is from one of the songs Eddie’s home church wrote that really helped him during his pursuit of me.
This serves as a great reminder every time we enter our home that our God is a faithful, magnificent, and big God who is always present and steadfast, and never ever fails. 

So there you have it.
A small little glimpse into our Maine home. Now come have a mug of hot tea with me!

Room Details:
+ Hutch – Ikea
+ Large Banner c/o – Scripted Beginnings 
+ Coat hooks – Lowes
+ Rug c/o – Lorena Canals
+ Gold frame – Target
+ Mirror c/o – Hurd & Honey
+ Silk floral garland c/o – Afloral