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Take time to rest.
When picking out furniture and details for our bedroom I knew that ultimately this would be our safe place wherever we go.
Becoming a military wife has taught me something: be prepared for everything to change, and then change again.
I can not count how many times we have thought something would happen on date X when in reality it will happen on date T and then get pushed until date A.
Not having much stability in schedules lately means that our stability has become the small time windows in the day we do have to spend with one another.
Whether its binge watching designated survivor on hulu ((y’all SO GOOD)), cooking a meal together, getting to the gym, or lounging together WE are each others home.
One of the vows I made to Eddie was to always be his safe place.
I want him to come home and feel welcomed, respected, loved, and relieved from work.

This space is one of my favorites in our little apartment.
I feel there is a delicate mix of masculine and feminine details that really let our personalities shine.
Now, if you were to ask Eddie he would say this was all me – and maybe to a small degree it has a lot of my influence, but hey, I thought of both of us! haha
The wooden pieces paired with gold accents and floral details – they just make me happy every time I walk into our room.
The pictures flanking our bed are from our engagement session and, obviously, our wedding.
I honestly want to nail all the holes in the wall and put our wedding pictures everywhere.
Would a huge mural wall of the two of us just be too much? probablyyyyyyyyyyy

For the record: I didn’t just place Tobi there for the pictures.
That is one of his favorite perches places and his hair is all OVER the duvet cover, so I Finally put a little blanker there to collect SOME of his hair.
I also have my trusty lint roller that gets all the stragglers.

Room Details:
+ Bed – Overstock
+ Silk floral garland c/o – Afloral
+ My nightstand (right) – Target
+ Eddie’s nightstand (he built)
+ Gold pendant lights – Target
+ Comforter set – Ikea
+ Marriage print
+ Curtains – Ikea
+ Dressers – Ikea
+ Mirror – Ikea
+ Large picture of us c/o – Framebridge ((use the code:takingsteps15 for 15$ off your first order!!))
+ Cowhide Rug – Ikea

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