Kittery Maine In Winter

I’m kind of in love with the stillness that it brings – and the fresh start that it seems to offer.
The day after Lauren & I arrived in Maine we all drove around the area to show her some areas we love and just to explore. Eddie took us to his fishing hole and we walked out on the water because it was so frozen over and covered in snow. What’s funny is we almost got stuck on the road leading to the fishing hole. A few pictures down you can see the wheels in the snow – the snow was so freaking high that when we went to leave the wheels were just spinning. Eddie jokes how we doubted his abilities – but there were a hot few minutes of nervousness thinking I would walk to one of the neighboring houses to pull us out. Yet Edie made it happen and we were able to back out down the road.

There is something so incredibly beautiful about seeing snow on a coastline.
Watching water meet water in two different forms – it’s just so cool. I find myself shaking my head and whispering Man God, You’re so cool and Your imagination is just amazing. I really have enjoyed watching the snow fall (and melt) and there is a part of me that really hopes it snows at least once more!

I posted a picture during our excursions on instagram a while back and peeps asked me about my boots. They are joules wellies AND I LOVE THEM! Finding rain boots that actually keep water out and fit my apparently huge calves is always a struggle. Does anyone else have that problem?!?! Every time i look at rainboots the calve circumference is always too small – not these lovelies! Also, BEES! <3