Exeter, NH | Strolling Around

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately.
Lots of small towns around ours are just waiting to be found and walked through.
Now that I’m working from home I have a lot more time to get in my car and just drive around to find new places.
Exeter, New Hampshire was one of the places I put on my list a while back. I found this sweet cafe in Exeter that I have really wanted to eat at (you’ll hear about them soon), there were also some super cute shops that were just begging to be visited.

Would you like to know something that I’m learning in regards to exploring?
One must have a strong soul to do this alone as well as a strong resolve to keep your money at home or in the car.
With Eddie working a lot, 99% of my exploring is by myself and it just isn’t the same walking through new areas when you’re the only one enjoying it. You seem to walk faster, look less, and just keep going to the next place.
I’m learning to take things slower and enjoy all of the pretty places that I find and stand there soaking it in for a few minutes before moving on. I’m also pushing myself to walk into that store, just because, not to spend money but because I want to see all the things.

Like this flower shop, Cymbidium Floral, I walked past three times before I decided to just walk in and be surrounded by all of the pretty petals. I asked if I could snap a few pictures and the woman working said absolutely. I spent my time soaking in the beauty of a floral shop. I found myself looking at flowers a lot closer than I had in years. It felt crisp and fresh in there (thank you CO2 being converted to Oxygen!) and the ambiance was so welcoming.
I also really wanted to take all of the flowers home with me – but again, trying to save some $$ over here.

Where have you been exploring lately?
What are your tips/tricks for exploring alone? I would love for you to share them with me.

  • Gorgeous pictures! The one with the flag and the close up of the succulent are my two favorites!

    Touring alone isn’t easy to do at alllll. I feel sooooo funny. Especially if I know I’m not “shopping, shopping”. High five to you for doing it ANYWAY.

    • The flag was such a pretty scene! 🙂
      It definitely isn’t easy to go at it alone – but it is really is worth it to go explore!

  • You are so right that traveling/exploring solo takes a bit of brain re-wiring.

    When I took my first ever completely solo trip (traveling from my Spanish hometown to the island of Palma de Mallorca), I was super nervous about feeling lonely or that I would just hole up in my hostel the whole time. It was only by being very conscious of what I wanted to get out of my solo time that I managed to take full advantage of what ended up being a wonderful and life-changing trip. My main tips would be to stand confident in your right to exist alone (you don’t need to be with friends or in a couple to occupy space and do fun things), and treat each adventure as a date with yourself; sure you don’t want to overspend, but get yourself a cappuccino or glass of wine in a charming spot and read a book or take in the people around you, noticing details you wouldn’t if you were with a friend/partner.

    I can’t wait to read about more of your adventures! Exeter looks beyond charming. My one sadness from my time spent living in Boston is that I didn’t have a car–I still traveled quite a bit, but I was dependent on where I could get by train and then foot. Still a lot of adventures to be had that way, but I missed out on some of the more off-the-path cute New England towns. Now I can live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and advice!
      I am definitely hoping to make a trip to downtown Boston soon – i NEED to see it! <3
      Yes yes yes to being confident in my own right to exist alone. I think getting married later cemented that for me for sure!
      It's learning to adjust to a new area, 1,000+ miles away from home knowing no-one and trying to fill my days with adventure by myself while the husband is working haha! All new challenges!