Mini-moon In The Mountains

Originally Eddie & I were not going to be able to have a honeymoon.
Eddie had a lot going on with work and the strong possibility of him flying down Friday, us getting married on Saturday, and then him flying back Sunday was a fact we had 99% accepted.
About a week before the wedding we received the good news that we would be able to spend a few more days of newlywed marital bliss together.

Where we would be spending our wedding night was a complete surprise to me. I wanted Eddie to really surprise me (it can be hard to do, i try to find everything out) with a place he felt would be great for us. As we were driving into downtown Charleston I still had no idea where we were heading until we pulled into the parking lot; I kind of just sat there, mouth open, and said “you’ve got to be kidding me?!”. Eddie booked us a garden room at the Wentworth Mansion. YES, i just said mansion. One of the things we did a lot of while just being friends and him pursuing me was walking around downtown; and I know we walked by this place a handful of times. There was a gas fireplace and jacuzzi INSIDE the bedroom along with a sunroom. I was kind of in love with the place.

Sunday morning we woke up and lounged in the bed with breakfast soaking in the mansion for a few more hours before heading back to my house, packing for our NC mountain trip and seeing some of my family and opening wedding presents!
As we were driving to NC I found myself looking at Eddie for long periods of time. Still in complete awe that this man was my husband and that we were starting a life together. The closer we got to the cabin – the more it started to snow and we completely missed the turn. We ended up driving through thick snow down a windy mountain road in hopes of finding a place to turn around and try to find the turn again; it was chaos and it was absolutely fantastic.
We ended up booking this stunning cabin in the beautiful mountains of Newland, North Carolina for our mini-moon. To say I was in love with the house would be an understatement. The owners thought of EVERYTHING and had firewood, soaps, shampoos, towels, food, and even a bottle of champagne waiting for us. They had a huge TV over the fireplace with a dvd player and a binder of great options. We went out exploring around Newland, Spruce Pine, and a few other cities. We did some small hikes (I didn’t bring proper shoes!), and galavanted around in the snow.

The mountains hold a special place for Eddie & I.
We went on lots of hikes while he pursued me and while we were dating and we got engaged on a mountain.
Our wedding and wedding favors were even touched with mountains (I can’t wait to show y’all!).
So there is a small peak into our mini-moon! <3

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