Small Moments Of Beauty

Sunday night was beautiful; but not in the traditional way we are so used to boxing beauty within.
Eddie & I went for a workout together and then a splurge meal on sushi (yes counter productive, it was our cheat meal). As dinner started to wrap up my head began to pound and by the time we reached the house I felt like my neck was going to crack open. 

Eddie proceeded to walk through the house and make it “just how I like it”. He turned off the overhead lights, turned on the salt lamps and shut the blinds. He came and gently rubbed peppermint oil on my neck and helped me lay down on the couch. While I rested he proceeded to light candles, draw a hot bath, and drop a lavender bath bomb in it. He helped me off the couch and into the tub and left the room, when he came back he had my iPad in his hands and said “I put the new johnnyswim album on shuffle, now sink back and just relax.” 

As I laid in that water, feeling the headache ebb away I started thinking of Jesus and His pursuit of His beloved, us. He carries us when we are were tired, challenges us to keep going when we feel complacent, pursues the deep and ugly parts of our hearts and brings healing. I thought of my Jesus, hanging on that cross, battered and bruised and still interceding on my behalf. 

As the water began to cool and my thoughts started to wander back to my husband I began whispering praises of thanks. Thanks to God for His healing hand and forgiving grace. Thanks to God for paring me with a man who pushes me to be better but also pushes me to rest (something that is very hard for me to do). There was this incredible weight of beauty and marital foundation building in those small moments. Eddie put me first and took care of me in a small moment of pain – and I was able to learn more about grace and pursuit. 

I don’t want to over look these small but significant moments of learning. 

I truly believe in soaking up the good things – big and small – and keeping them in that box for when the days feel long and hard.