Links I Love

This week has been interesting.
I got my butt in the gym every day – and the amount of soreness I feel is getting better. I tweaked my knee yesterday and will be doing some workout videos today instead of the equipment. I also did a little exploring around our new city and unpacked some more. I guess you can say we are slowly settling in and making this apartment our home. It’s very weird to call this new city home but i’m learning my home is within Eddie’s arms.
Speaking of Eddie – does anyone have any good beef stew recipes they love? Eddie is requesting beef stew and i’ve never made it!

+ If I could just call this space mine that would be awesome.
+ I’m thinking of doing this 20-minute plank challenge.
+ Pan seared steak recipe for the win!
+ Maybe one of our cheats can be this maple bacon chocolate cake. YES you just read that correctly.
+ These wedges are so pretty.
+ Hello barn interiors – you’re making my heart skip a beat.

You may have missed…

+ Eddie taught me all about small moments of beauty.
+ You can see a sneak peek of our Maine home.
+ Y’all, take some time for fun

Have a lovely weekend!