Sneak Peek Of Our Maine Home

It’s been almost two weeks since I moved to Maine.
Going from a three bedroom house to a small two bedroom apartment (that was already furnished with Eddie’s things) has been an interesting challenge. When packing up my home in Charleston I tried to be intentional about what I was bringing to our new home and what I was leaving behind for when we come back.
In the midst of all the chaos of boxes and piles of stuff I needed to find a small corner to put together something that was not only functional but pretty. Nightly I’ve found myself putting a small drop of this lavender oil on the base of my neck to help me still my thoughts. This newlywed season is a time for developing a foundation that will continue to strengthen us and propel us forward. Eddie & I are trying to implement a habit of prayer before we go to bed every night, his work schedule is so unpredictable that some mornings he is out of the door before 5am and doesn’t get home until 10pm. In order for us to connect and pray over each others days the only time we can really depend on is our evenings.

Evenings have never been super special to me. I am definitely more of a morning bird and find that I am naturally more intentional with my mornings than I ever have ben with my evenings. Now that i’m in a new city and I’m lacking friendships and scheduled events…my evenings have become much more calm and routine. I’m making it a point to find beauty in that routine and to really set my evenings up like I try to set my mornings – for success.

How do you unwind from your days?
Do you have any nightly routines you could share with me, because I would LOVE to hear them!

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