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The house has been rather quiet in the mornings.
I find myself slowly crossing off all of the to-do lists that encompass the few days before the wedding and the move.
Ordering our cake, finalizing the timeline, finally getting my music to the DJ…it all can be overwhelming.
I knew that in order to help work through some emotions and just have some fun I needed to start creating the vision of what I wanted the reception tables to look like.

When I think of my wedding day and what I want it to encompass I find myself drawn to four words: God-centered, whimsical, fun, and GOLD. Seriously, please do not skimp on my gold love affair. I also want things to be simple. Nothing super fancy or overly complicated – but classy, spunky, and refreshing.
As i unrolled the kraft & gold foil table runner I found myself cracking a huge grin. THIS is what my guests are going to see when they hang out in our reception. These table runners will be a part of the day that will forever change my life. As cheesy and insignificant as that may seem – it just made my heart lift a little bit. This is one less thing for me to make, to loose sleep over, to worry about – I was able to just log onto MINTED and order something that makes a huge impact without having to stress about it.
EASY PEASY…oh, and gold.

Speaking of stress and loosing sleep and worrying about details – I was able to cross off yet another important detail using MINTED. After looking through all of the amazing options for programs I found myself drawn to the delicate ampersand. Being able to just type in all of my information into pre-designated sections made it so easy on my frazzled brain and i may or may not have given a squeak of joy when i clicked submit. I also really liked the fact that i was able to select for proofing from the professionals, because let’s be honest, i’m a horrid speller and having other adults look over my words was like a nice warm hug.

So now that you’ve had a small look into a few wedding day details – what are some of the details you remember from your own wedding, or from the weddings of your friends? Oh and if you’re in the season of planning a wedding (or helping plan a wedding) I would definitely suggest checking with MINTED first – they have so many great details that can help lessen the stress!

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