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It’s really hard for me to believe I’ll be saying goodbye to living here.
I know it will always be there, you know with my brother moving back in, but for it to no longer be the place i come home to every day….it’s just weird.
So as i’ve begun going through each room and purging items and figuring out what i’m packing to take with me to Maine and what i’m leaving to just get in a year or so when we (hopefully) come back around this way, i knew i wanted to document these spaces.

This is my den.
It’s evolved over the 7 years i’ve been living here on my own and it has become the central hub for chill nights, board games, gatherings, movie nights, and the perfect spot for deep conversations. I’ve cried in this room, laughed, fell in love, and done countless DIY projects.
It isn’t perfect, and there are still at least 10 things i would do to update it, but this is how it stands today. (well, right around Christmas ha!)

I can remember countless summer afternoons listening to records while mom, my brother, dad, and i all cleaned the house – or lounged around. I remember movie nights and building sheet forts, i remember being a child in this room, a teenager, a young adult, and now…well…an adult.
I’m sure all of my home posts from Charleston won’t be SO sappy – but i just got all emotional when i really started thinking about how much this room means to me.

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