2016 | Blog & Life Review

Well, I meant to hit publish back in 2016 – but hey, life happens. So here we are, January of 2017 and I’m going to recap all the awesome and craziness that happened in 2016! Whew, let’s get going shall we?


This year was full of HUGE moments that will forever stay in my heart. Between going to visit friends all the way in Colorado (that was a seriously huge step for me and my anxiety), to exploring Maine, to learning more about myself and getting engaged! To say 2016 was a big year would be an understatement.

// OMG we finally completed the back hallway (can i get an amen?!)!!! 
// I contemplated what it means to do more.
// When small moments whisper big truths.
// I felt like it was time to give y’all a backstory on Eddie & myself. 
// God started to prepare my heart for seeing some friendships hit their ending. It’s still a struggle.
// I reminded myself to take a moment for creativity.
// This random summer night was magical. For me it was because Eddie was getting to spend more time with my family and for Eddie it was when he asked my grandfather and brother for their blessing to ask me to marry him.
// My brother got a puppy! <3
// I took a moment to look back at a situation i had viewed so skewed for so many years.
// We got ENGAGED! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3// You. Are. Enough.


…ahhhhh wanderlust.
Looking back – i traveled a lot more than i realized this year. I think it was like i almost didn’t always count Maine – since Eddie lived there and i was going to see him not traveling “just to travel”…does that even make sense?!

// Hiking in ceasar head state park – part one & part two
// Exploring York, Maine – which will now only be like 20 minutes from me!
// Travling to Acadia National Park.
// Starting to explore our new city – Kittery, Maine.
// Exploring Twin Lakes in Colorado.
// We went into this sweet little town in Colorado, Leadville.
// Salem, Massachusetts in October = bucket list item scratched off!
// The Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado! <3


This past year was really really interesting for Taking Steps Home. I think i got away from my roots a little more than i meant to. I got caught up in just posting to post and not taking my time to really think things through. I think i forgot that this blog is my voice and i can write from the depths of my heart regardless of who reads it. I really learned a lot about who i am NOT as a blogger, i’m still figuring out the who i am part. It will all take time.

// My brother took a day to post about what he believes love is all about.
// That dang numbers game will get you every time.



2016 just knocked me on my butt and kept me there. I started off strong – really into my workouts and eating healthy…and then if i can kind of pin point the time *cough* dating eddie *cough* i started to slack. Not because we are un-healthy together – in fact we love cooking healthy meals and going to do activities together (like hiking!); but more so because i was finally with someone who loved me for my soul – not my body. Even right now when i’ve put 10lbs back on he says i’m beautiful and captivating.

// When weight-gain happens.
// I believe in cheat meals – and this one was amazing.
// These protein (and gluten free!) pancakes are still some of my favorites!
// I shared some ways i attempt to stay healthy at a 9-5 job.

2017 Goals…

// Embrace grace. With all the changes happening this year – I need to offer myself, Eddie, and others grace. With change comes frustration and joy – that beautiful ebb and flow – and i hope for grace to be interlaced always.
// Make healthy choices daily. Not just with food but with God, love, relationships, work, etc.
// Keep the Word of God deep within my heart. I’m not sure why, but i’ve just been floundering recently and i need to dig back into the Bible with fervor.
// Take risks. This will be a non-traditional year for me! I won’t have a full-time job, i’ll move twice, and will hopefully grow my photography and blog business.

. . . . . . . . . .