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One of my favorite places that we visited while in colorado was the glen eyrie castle.
I kind of just stood there, staring at the castle with my mouth a’gape and soaking in the mountains in the background and the sunlight bouncing off of the castle windows.
Meg walked us around and was sharing with us some of the history of the castle and the grounds and what all the glen eyrie does today. It was really a beautiful place to just get lost for a while and enjoy some friendship time!

As we were walking around inside the castle and seeing all of the pretty things – my mind started getting lost in what it must have been like to live here. To grow up in a home that was surrounded by orange mountains, full of windows, and lots of hallways to create secret routes in. Meg mentioned to us that the glass enclosed porch (three pictures below) was built for one of the daughters who had Tuberculosis. I wondered what it most have been like to have been her…riddled with sickness but still being able to soak in some sunshine and see the beauty that surrounded her.

It’s all so interesting to me – history is something i deeply love but rarely actually learn more about (i know, it makes zero sense). I think i love documentaries more…hearing the stories of people vs the stories of countries. I like walking through a place and hearing about those who walked through it before me. What they learned, what they fought for, what they were passionate about, what their struggles were. I am a big believer in hearing and appreciating and learning from the stories of others. So walking through Glen Eyrie and hearing some snips of history just made me enjoy it so much more.

If you’r ever in the Colorado Springs area – make this a must-see. It’s worth walking around the grounds, going on the hiking trails, and exploring the beautiful home. I may or may not have already told Eddie that we have to go back and stay here at some point – i just think it would be such a magical place to hang out in for a few days!

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glen eyrie castle

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