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I love friendships.
I know that sounds so cliche – but it’s the truth.
These ladies = golden in my life! i still can’t believe it’s been like 3 months since i flew to Colorado to spend a glorious getaway with meg, beth & sam. One of my favorite things that we did = the constant chatter about life, blogging/photography, big dreams, and small dreams. There is just something lovely about getting a group of creative woman who have similar dreams and seeing what all can unfold.

We stopped by loyal coffee one afternoon to grab some drinks (i got their Kombucha and it was AMAZING), snap some photos, and laugh at how not-so-awkward we felt taking the photos with a group.
To put this into context, i’m a fairly outgoing person – i LOVE talking to people and hearing their stories and am not afraid to be a little weird. I will also admit that sometimes i feel a little self conscious snapping photos on photos in public places (like a coffeeshop) when i am not “in professional photographer mode”. Like if i’m just snapping to document my day or my travel or my moment – it feels…i don’t know, like people are watching me so closely lol.
When we were ALL together snapping away, pulling each other into well lit corners and just doing our thing – it felt…normal. Like, this is what it’s about and this is what i do and what i love and i shouldn’t feel self conscious that people may be watching. I learned a lesson in bravery, on one random afternoon with girlfriends while traveling to Colorado. It wasn’t this monumental moment that was scripted out of a movie; it was just me sinking a little more comfortably into my own skin.

So 3 cheers for taking steps out of your comfort zone and making life happen!
What areas of life do you get a little “nervous” in? Or are you just fearless and shut down any self doubt and do you?! I would love to hear how you embrace courage with or without friends around!

location | colorado springs
coffee shop | loyal coffee

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