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wedding prep.
it’s real – and it’s also a struggle.
i’ve written recently about how much i’ve been struggling with getting back on the wagon with eating right and exercising…and it just hasn’t been as easy as it was this time last year.
i don’t know why i thought that getting married would suddenly light this huge fire under my butt to accomplish all the things – but that motivation has been lacking.

breakfasts have always been THE MOST important meal for me – they help me to set my day off right and if i don’t eat breakfast i am crabby and starving the rest of the day; but you know what? getting a healthy breakfast in can be a struggle some mornings!
if i wake up late and have to shower and throw clothes on to get in the car (and sit in all the traffic) to get to work on time – i don’t have the time to make my protein pancakes!

so let me introduce you to daily harvest!
when i found out about these smoothies my heart did a little leap for joy.
i’m able to fuel for my day (and workouts) and it is still healthy – so i’m staying on track with wedding prep.
i’ve made my own smoothies (and still do!) but there is just something nice about having all of the healthy ingredients put into a cup and i just throw liquid (almond milk for the win!) into the blender and let it do it’s thing and my breakfast is ready!

p.s. daily harvest sent me the products to try, and the links are affiliate links so i could potentially get a little kick-back if you choose to order them. but i will say 100% that i loved these smoothies and i liked how easy they were while still being SO HEALTHY! 

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