travel | twin lakes – colorado

there is something so enjoyable about exploring new places – especially when friends are involved.
beth & meg took sam & i to twin lakes colorado and the entire way my mouth kind of just hung open at all of the beautiful yellows. twin lakes was something out of a storybook – the beautiful water surrounded by the mountains and crisp yellows and falling leaves, ah it just stole my heart.

do you want to know what one of the best parts were?
we all love taking pictures – so no one got annoyed with taking 1,000 images. i also really enjoyed seeing all of my friends different picture taking techniques – it was like a mini photography course.
we may have all turned into popsicle sticks while we were there – because y’all it was freezing.
truly i thought my little bum was going to turn to ice and make me sink to the ground 😉
it was all worth it – hiking around in the cold with these ladies laughing and making memories.

location | twin lakes, colorado

what do you and your friends like to do together?
does anyone else explore like we all did – or maybe you like to jump and dance around like crazy.

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