Salem, Massachusetts

I still can’t believe I get to cross this place off of my list.
if you’v been reading my blog for any length of time you’ve probably come to realize – I love halloween. This year has been a bit more on the down low, but i’ve still been watching my movies, doing a small amount of decorating, and even planning out my costume!

It just so happened that eddie was able to get some time off from work, drive down (during a hurricane!) and spend some much needed time in Charleston <3. We then loaded the truck up and drove all the way back up north – stopping in Salem Massachusetts FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
So why salem?
As mentioned earlier – I just really enjoy halloween.
Learning about the salem witch trials and how the city seems to be the halloween-mecca – it just seemed to be a great place to visit – especially in october.

The quick low-down on salem.
It was really fun – but SUPER slammed with people (no surprise there).
On friday afternoon it wasn’t too packed as people were still in school and at work.
We were able to walk around, go into a haunted house, and just see a small bit of the history.
Saturday it was way more slammed.

I will admit – salem wasn’t what I thought it would be.
Maybe i was expecting more halloweentown’esq (yes, the disney movie) haha!
It was full of tourists like us, lots of really fun stores, and even more interesting history.
I will admit I was super bummed that the area used to shoot the opening town scene from hocus pocus CLOSED in september – like whatttttt?! (it’s the part with all the pumpkins on the ground!).
We also were able to go see the house from hocus pocus – and only a few people were out looking at it, so it was nice to see it without a crowd 😉

p.s. that jaho coffee joint? UH-MAZING. i got a coconut chai tea latte that was seriously the best i’ve ever had.


this was so much fun. <3

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