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yes. i just used the word ‘slay’ in my blog title.
and yes – it is appropriate for what is about to unfold!

one of my FAVORITE things about colorado was hanging out with beth, meg, and sam.
like – i could have drank all the hot tea in the world and chatted their ears off until we all died from exhaustion. yeahhhhhhh that’s a little dramatic – but it’s how i felt! being surrounded by creatives just did something so soothing and beautiful to my heart.


it was like this beautiful retreat to just unwind, laugh, and get to know these amazing ladies one-on-one. i must admit though, the highlight of the trip was the photoshoot i planned out.
i had this dream in my head of flowy dresses with the mountains behind us and just their beauty shining through – and oh my gosh it was even better than the dream!
each wonderful woman stepped in front of my lens and made it so incredibly easy for me to capture their joy and radiance.

seriously – these are some of my favorite images to date because of knowing these women personally and knowing how truly magnificent each one of them are!

now, for my shameless photography website plug.
to see each of their sessions in their entirety click on each one of these links and see all of the beautiful images i was able to capture ((and maybe even leave a comment or two?!? or even cough pin something? cough))

this post is just a smallllll teaser of all of the amazingness that was their sessions!

…in no particular order

meg’s session
beth’s session
sam’s session

|| now go look at the rest of their sessions! ||

dresses | jewelry
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aren’t my friends just LOVELY?!
<3 <3 <3

p.s. the dresses and jewlery were sent to us c/o – but we loved them so much and literally gushed about how comfortable and the awesome quality of each piece – i wear mine all. the. time!

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