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i recently posted this image on instagram/facebook to keep things real.
i’ve been struggling.
over the last few months i’ve just been so unhappy.
my stomach has been incredibly bloated (like 2-4 inches depending on the day), i’ve been sluggish, and i have just not been trying to eat and be healthier.
i would watch what i ate for a few days, and work out for a few days – thinking that would do it. i knew it wouldn’t – i know the process and how much effort it takes. i even JUST talked about this weight gain struggle back in february. it is so dang hard.
i lost about 2 lbs the other week – and just gained it back.
and i get dressed in the morning – nothing fits right – and i am unhappy with where i am.

this time last year i was KILLING it in the home gym.
i was able to lift great weight, run faster, do more burpees, squats, and pushups than i can now.
it just sucks.
i KNOW that i have to keep pushing forward – and it takes time and effort and being steadfast in it.

i just feel stuck.
like – i start doing something right and then life happens and i get off track and i’m right back at square one. it gets disheartening…and even more so with my wedding right around the corner. i am my own worst critic – and i do a great job at beating myself up. and i realize that those actions are even more unhealthy than not eating right and exercising.
so i’m really working on changing my self-talk.
to move more.
to eat healthier.
to pray more and lean on the Lord for strength and the drive.

i just needed to get this off of my chest – to remind myself and y’all that everything in life is a process and requires a lot of hard work. i can get back to where i was this time last year – it will just require hard work and discipline – two things i really do need to practice more.

but we can do this.

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