friday | links

& monday will be halloween – which is exciting and so fun!
and my brother is coming in town this weekend <3 so that is even MORE fun.
i have so many little to-dos to cross off my list this weekend that it is actually a smidge mind boggling.
so please send me some virtual hugs so i can stay motivated to get it all done 😉
ps. next week you’ll start hearing about my fun times in Salem, Massachusetts and see a super fun photography session! <3

ppssstt…did you notice my new character on the right hand side of my blog? i’m obsessed! 


+ oh em g – this camera bag is STUNNING…and i need to start saving up for one!

+ ooooo y’all i need to try out this 9 minute hiit workout!

+ free christmas card downloads?! YES PLEASE!

+ this list of inflammation foods was super informative.

+ if i have babies – i want this baby shower. those crowns are uh-mazing!

+ this essential oil make + take station is awesome.

+ i definitely want to try to make this healing carrot with turmeric & ginger soup this weekend! <3

have a lovely weekend friends! 

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