journey | staying healthy at a 8-5 job

staying healthy is hard.
staying healthy while having office hours from 830-5 and nightly commitments seems to be even harder.
now some of you may have a gym in your office building (i do, but it isn’t the best) – but not everyone has access to that perk; so making sure that you are moving often and staying active  is a daily commitment.
recently my office moved and we got new desks that have the capabilities to stand (holla!) so i try to do that as often as possible. i’ve found that i can actually be more productive if i’m standing or moving around. it reminds me of a study i read while in college which said that if you study while doing physical activity (or right after) your brain has a better chance of absorbing the information – now i’m not sure if that is true but you can imagine college-aged amy with her textbook while on the elliptical.

another struggle of mine is with snacking (hello, anyone else here on this one?!). often i find myself scouring my pinterest boards for ideas of healthy snacks to prepare ahead of time and keep in the desk drawer. a few of my go-to favorites are: nuts (almonds, pistachios and cashews are favorites), jerky, rice cakes & fruit with almond butter.
what are some of your favorite go-to healthy snacks?

some other ways to set yourself up for a healthy work week are:

– meal planning (this includes planning for snacks too!)

– laying out workout clothes the night before

– scheduling workouts (and knowing what you’ll be doing)

– have one free “cheat meal” once every two weeks

– watch your coffee and sugar intake at the office

– standing desk / sitting on a ball / getting a fitness tracker to help you move more

– go on walks during a lunch break

– see if any of your co workers want to workout during their lunch break (or meet before or after work!)

– try working out in the “in-between” times. (do 20 squats before or after using the bathroom, and do 20 push-ups using the bathroom counter, try even doing some calf raises)

 – accountability ROCKS! find a group of people to get a facebook board started, an email chain – anything and then do some things together. i found this workout regimen that looks awesome!


do you find it harder to make time for eating healthy and workouts when you’ve got that normal 8/9-5 job? what are some of your tips and tricks to stay motivated and moving while at the office?

disclaimer: sodexo – a global leader in quality of life services, sponsored this post, but all thoughts/opinions/pictures are my own. 

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