recipe | protein + banana pancakes!

yes to all the pancakes.
let me see a raise of hands of all the people out there love a good ol’ warm flapjack to start their day?
even though i’m a morning person – breakfast during the week can be a bit of a challenge.
normally my struggle is i don’t eat enough protein and i find myself ravenous an hour later.
i’ve found that a protein packed breakfast keeps me fuller longer and i’m not tempted to grab one of the carb and sugar loaded sweets in the breakroom at work.

i saw the original version of this recipe a while back with just the eggs and banana to make the pancakes – i tried it and loved it, but knew i needed to add more to it. so after a bit of tweaking i found a recipe that works for me, is easy to do, and you can throw it on while getting ready for work.
oh, and did i mention it’s delicious (and gluten free!)? it is, you’re welcome in advance!

p.s. some people who have a gluten intolerance can have issues with bananas – so make sure you know what works for your body.


– 1 banana
– 1 egg
– coconut oil
– cacao powder
– protein powder (1 scoop) / i use vegaone
– cinnamon (i just dash some in without measuring)
– flax seed (how ever much you want)
– 1 heaping tablespoon almond butter – you can put it in with the mix, or drizzle on top
– honey (optional)
– psssst…sometimes i add a splash of almond milk too!


1 | mash your banana in a bowl and add a full egg, mix together.

2 | add cacao, protein powder, cinnamon, flax seed, and almond butter (optional)

3 | prime skillet with coconut oil – pour mix in and cook like a normal pancake

4 | spread almond butter over pancake and drizzle honey if you would like

5 | eat up and ENJOY!


if you end up making this recipe – let me know if you enjoy it!
what recipes do you add protein powder to?

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