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eddie and i recently went on another hike up in cleveland, sc.
we left home around 6am and got to the mountain about 11ish (thank you tandem crepes for being a delicious stopping point for breakfast! you’ll hear all about them!). it was a cold day – but gorgeous. the sun never stopped shining an we only saw 9 people on our 12 mile hike. we kept asking each other why aren’t more people on the mountain?! yeah it was chilly, but with the right layers and moving around you were perfectly good. maybe it’s similar to me not going to the beach often even though i only live 15 minutes away – you just get used to the beauty that’s around you.
which kind of makes me sad. we should never get used to the beauty that we are surrounded with.

on our drive up the mountain we spotted a pull off to go walk to the edge of the mountain and see the view.
these are the places i could just pitch a tent and get comfortable for a long while. watching the sun hit the horizon on the mountains – gives me chills and fills me with peace. there is something so absolutely restoring in seeing how small you are in this big, big world – and how even in the midst of it God is personal and looking out for you.

one of the things i like least about hiking is the carrying stuff.
granted i haven’t had to carry a whole day pack full of food, blanket, medical supplies, etc – but sometimes just even carrying a camera bag can feel like 50 lbs after a few miles. oh, and that medical kit…we ended up needing it. little ol’ clumsy over here was trying to get a pretty picture and instead of wrapping my camera around my back and climbing over the branch (with slick rocks and running water underneath it) with both hands, i decided to hold my camera in one hand and lightly grasp the branch. i slipped, ate it, got soaking wet (did i mention it was cold) and scrapped my elbow and knee. eddie came running over “are you ok?!?!” to which i screamed “grab the camera, GRAB THE CAMERA, i think i’m bleeding but grab the camera!“.
i managed to keep that sucker out of the water.
slippery rocks = 1, amy = 1, i call that a tie sir.

one of the things i always get nervous when it comes to hiking long distances is staying hydrated. how many bottles of water do we pack? do we have enough room to fit them in the bag, did we pack toilet paper so i can pee?! you know, that last question is the most important. =p
i recently received a Life Straw Go water bottle from eartheasy to try out on one of next hikes.
i kept glancing at it on my counter, counting down the days until our next hike to see how it worked.
to really put it to the test i didn’t even pack another water bottle in the pack – i was putting all of my trust in the Life Straw Go.
it’s SUPER simple to use:
fill with water (we used the stream water off of the mountain)
and y’all it. tasted. good!
i’ve tried other filtered bottles only to suck in a chemical taste.
this was better than any bottled water i’ve had – and to know it came straight off of the mountain was glorious!

something that i am always on the look-out for is a company that gives back, and gives back well.
every single Life Straw water filter that is purchased they provide a child in africa with clean water for an entire school year. these filtered water bottles provide access for clean drinking water when you need it. it filters up to 264 GALLONS of water and removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria & protozoan parasites (you can see the full list here). the filter & mouth piece detach for easy cleaning, and since it uses mechanical filters (and no chemicals!) to remove contaminants the Life Straw Go will last indefinitely until it reaches capacity…even after every use!

eartheasy not only sent me a Life Straw Go to review – but they wanted to give away one to a reader as well. i mean, i can’t say no to that for y’all right?! 😉 AND just to go on record – if i was looking for a gift for an outdoor enthusiast (especially a hiker/backpacker) this would be a PERFECT gift. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

i received a life straw go water bottle c/o earth easy.
i was not paid to write this post and all opinions and pictures are my own.

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