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back in december…one of my best friends came in to town.
she asked if i would snap a few pictures of her and her husband and their two pups for a Christmas card.
of course i said yes and we romped through some woods in our neighborhood to the marshes hidden away. it was a beautiful magic hour and their love for each other just shined on through 🙂

this is ashlee and her husband – and i’ve known ashlee for about 22 years.
we became fast friends when i moved into my home around the age of 5. we were inseparable – always together – running up and down the streets and staying up way too late with sleepovers. the funny thing is her child-hood house is almost exactly like my home just a flipped floor plan and a different mud room. we both lived in the same room downstairs – and even moved up to the FROG in each of our homes around the same time.

we’ve liked the same boys, laughed until we peed our pants, and cried countless tears. we’ve done make-overs, sang hanson and nysnc at the top of our lungs – and even kissed their posters! she was by my side when my dad and then my mom died. we often get asked if we are sisters…and we often say yes (actually she is listed as my sister on FB haha). once high school ended (she was a year behind me) we still managed to stay close, and even after all of this time, and her moving to new york, hawaii, and now florida – we are still able to connect in a way that is timeless.
i love the friendships where seasons come and go, months can go without a conversation, and you’re able to pick up without any awkwardness. that’s when you know it’s a life-long friendship.
and i have that with ashlee. <3


a love photography

Settings varied – but here are a few for reference:
. .
(portrait – standing at edge of woods)
F/2.0 | 50mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 500
. .
(portrait black + white)
F/2.0 | 50.0mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 250
. .
(3rd to last image)
F/2.0 | 50.0mm lens | 1/500 | ISO 250


do you have some friendships like that?
ones that will last a life-time?
tell me all about them! 🙂

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