recipe | everything bagels + pimento cheese wrapped in bacon

y’all. i love food.
like i really, really, really LOVE food.
especially when that food isn’t the healthiest for me. i’m a big believer in splurging every now and then, it keeps the mind happy. i saw a recipe similar to this not too long ago and decided to take a little spin on it and add pimento cheese.
have you ever had pimento cheese? it is my favorite. i would probably eat it at every meal if i could – and hey, this one is gluten free so….that’s good right 😉
eddie & i have been doing a lot of house projects recently so i knew i wanted to say thanks as well as treat’our’selves with something oh so bad good for you. so we indulged with these heavenly creations (as well as some tomato, pepper, avocado kabobs).
prepare yourselves.
you won’t know what’s hit you until you take a bite!


+ everything bagels
+ pimento cheese (we love palmetto pimento cheese because it is delicious, has a small kick, and is local)
+ bacon
+ olive oil


1 | separate your bagels and use a spoon to scoop out some of the middle on one side; make sure you you open the middle of the bagel a little more to help when you get to the bacon step.

2 | spread pimento cheese (heavily yesssssssss) on the scooped out side of your bagel. put bagel back together.

3 | take the bacon and begin wrapping it through the center and around the bagel. some spaces are ok.

4 | use a brush and put olive oil over the bacon on the top and bottom of the bagel.

5 | we cooked these on the grill (some do it in the oven). man the grill and watch the bagels closely – the bacon can burn quickly.

6 | stuff your face and enjoy!

+ spread out the middle of the bagel a little bit to help with wrapping the bacon.
+ do not close grill (see below)
+ use water soaked tooth picks to help hold bacon in place
+ OR cut the bagels in half and wrap each half in bacon – we thought of that when everything was said and done.

this happened when we left the grill closed for only 3 minutes!
we had another batch to do and just stood outside with the grill to babysit the bacon 😉
and don’t you worry if you burn it – these crispy ones didn’t go to waste! 
we ate every. last. bite!
(also, a few well placed (soaked) tooth picks would be a good idea to hold the bacon on)

have you concocted any recipes?!
i’m not going to lie, this is definitely a HUGE favorite of mine!
& i’m already drooling over the next time we make them!

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