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so i got a new lens!!! used from the lovely meg.
i love blog friendships for many reasons – but one of them is that we are always helping each other out with great deals and steals and finds (see meg’s latest find here, like whattttt). so when meg was looking at upgrading to a new lens she reached out to me about purchasing her old one. HOLLA yes i will!
let me just say, i LOVE my 50mm lens, it’s my go-to for portrait photography, so i was a little worried about would i actually USE a 40mm or would it just be wasteful.

call me changed.
this lens is phenomenal.
it has a wider crop (a larger area of space fitting into the lens than the 50) so i’m able to get closer or even further away with details. i asked my friend dannie to come over to help me test out the new lens and try out some creative ideas i’ve had floating around. she’s my goto for photos, she is so easy to work with and knows my non-verbal directions haha.

so we worked in one of my favorite lighting places ever…my bedroom.
the morning light that streams in is always so beautiful for capturing soft dramatic images.
AND i’m so thankful for my reflector, because it helps bouncing light around to create some better areas.
then i moved her to my brother’s room (with the black wall) to test out the lighting in there. sigh i love these photos

a love photography

Settings varied – but here are a few for reference:
. .
(first picture)
F/2.8 | 40.0mm lens | 1/50 | ISO 1000
. .
(portrait | black wall + fur + crown)
F/2.8 | 40mm lens | 1/30 | ISO 1000 
. .
(floppy black hat + plaid scarf)
F/2.8 | 40.0mm lens | 1/30 | ISO 1000
. .
(last picture)
F/2.8 | 40.0mm lens | 1/25 | ISO 1000

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