list | 30 before 30

i’ve been building this list for a while.
truth be told, i’ve seen them on countless other blogs and felt like i didn’t want to do it, so i didn’t.
then as i realized that my 27th birthday has started creeping closer – i did want to make a list.
a list that while doable,  will challenge me.
a list that will not make me feel like a failure if i don’t cross off every single thing.
things i’ve been putting off, or too afraid to do, or still unsure of actually wanting to do.
they all made their way onto the list.

so without further ado…

1 travel outside of my comfort zone
2 create a recipe that is all my own
3 visit (maybe camp in) yosemite national park
4 re-learn how to play the drums
5 have a spa day (i’ve never had a professional massage!)
6 get my personal trainer certification. (?!?!??!) something i’m thinking about and idea could be tossed out
7 go to a drive-in movie
8 do something that scares me
9 master a set of 5 pull-ups
10 learn how to sew & make a piece of clothing
11 cut unnecessary spending for 2 months and build a solid nest egg
12 take a road trip
13 finish. the. back. hallway/laundry room. geeze
14 get a kayak and use it often
15 learn to drive stick
16 give blood (to honor my mother)
17 take an art class (painting/drawing/pottery, etc)
18 volunteer
19 make a nice outdoor space in the back yard
20 write a completed story
21 do a haunted house on halloween (aka build one at my house)
22 figure out what i want to do with my life (aka my full passion)
23 learn to use power tools & build something
24 attend a conference of some kind
25 do 30 consecutive days of something
26 watch IMDB’s top 100 movies
27 grow my own vegetables
28 host a big outside dinner party
29 wear a bikini (kind of wrinkling my nose at this one, ha!)
30 learn another language


what about you – do you currently have a 30 before 30 list?
are you thinking of making one?
what would you add to yours and do we have anything in common?!?!?

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