this weekend…

did anyone else’s weekend blow up with the word: busy?

I had all of these plans to get things accomplished and all of a sudden – BAM – my weekend became crazy busy, but all in a good way.

Friday night was spent hanging out with the roomie – eating some chickfila – and watching tv (friday at work was busy busy!)

Saturday was an early start, followed by a heart to heart with the roomie, bible study, errands, starting Christmas decorating, some cleaning, making more cinnamon ornaments, mowing the front lawn, and watching 7 brides for 7 brothers (my favorite).

Sunday was another early start for church at 8:45 (with a much needed sermon that I will probably be talking about this upcoming frankly Friday), errands, coming home and pulling down Christmas lights from the attac – and here is where my day got REALLY busy. I was going to finish Christmas decorating (doing the lights outside, finishing up the inside, doing some craft projects) when I called my cousin out of the blue because she was pressing on my heart.
after talking to her for a few minutes I realized – I need to get over there and help her.
I went over, helped wrangle the three kids (12, 8, 4(almost 5!)), tackled cleaning their rooms with their help, giving them some chores to accomplish, helping my cousin clean the house, getting some Christmas decorations up, and just some quality good time and conversation.
around 6 my other cousin and her son came over to spend some time with everyone and hang ornaments on the tree. three boys (and one girl) running around the house playing – hilarious, and exhausting.
you moms out there, you rock, seriously.

a lesson that was learned this weekend: I love helping children learn.
I’ve known I always loved helping teenagers learn – but children were a different story.
helping my little 4 year old cousin clean his room, put away his toys, and put toys in a box to give away because “this season is about giving” was rewarding for me. I loved every minute of it.

all of that to say.
I still have Christmas boxes sitting in my den, my front yard is still missing lights, and Christmas decorations are still not finished, i’m way behind on blog reading & commenting & responding- but it’s all worth it, because this weekend was spent living.

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