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i don’t have another installment of cayden & james or bailey for you today.
i’ve been trying to expand my writing, be challenged, really dig deep.
so i found a list of writing prompts that i’m working through and i thought i would share one with y’all today. hopefully you’ll enjoy it – i enjoyed writing it.


writing prompt: write about the first time you saw him.

it was dark. 
after 6pm in march as she drove to the airport to pick him up. 
Tina was in the back seat – her security blanket for meeting him face to face. 
they were about to spend a week together and she was terrified of their first meeting. 
what if she wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, creative enough, alluring enough.
yes all these things a typical 18 year old thought of – vanity. 
her hands gripped the steering wheel tighter and tighter as the miles ticked off towards the airport. 
she called him “i’m almost there – where are you?”  she could hear the smile in his voice as he answered “at the american airlines terminal – outside…i think i see your car” 
her heart was in her throat.
i can’t do this she whispered.
you have to – he FLEW here tina laughed. 
she was going to be sick. 
she saw his silhouette against the outside lights, duffle bag draped over his shoulder. her eyes didn’t reach his face.
deep breath in – deep breath out. 
she parked her car and got out to help him put his bag in the trunk, not that he needed it. 
his shoes were blue – tennis shoes, covered by faded dark jeans that were sitting low on his hips. he was wearing a zippered jacket.
she still didn’t meet his eyes. 
his arms snaked around her back and pulled her into his chest – he smelt good. 
she felt him move as he started to laugh. 
“hi” he whispered into her hair. 
“hi back” she spoke into his chest. 
his hand ran over her curls – finding rest at the small of her back 
“we should probably get back in the car now right?” he said tugging on a curl. 
“probably” she responded. 
her feet shuffled away from him. once she was back behind the wheel she checked her mirrors and left the airport.
her knuckles white around the steering wheel. 
“are you ever going to look at me?” he asked.
“uh – yes …i’m just driving” she responded nervously. 
“are you nervous?” he laughed.
“ ..i mean yes a little bit” she half laughed half croaked. 
his hand covered her knee – and he squeezed. 
“look at me” 
she slowly turned her head while keeping her eyes on the road..
…and she glanced towards his direction. 
“i’ll take that for now” he said keeping his hand on her knee. 
When they got to the music hall she got out of the car a bundle of nerves. 
he came around the back and took her hand in his. 
her eyes examining the concrete.
“look at me” he smiled. 
slowly, very slowly, she made her way from his shoes, to his pants, to his jacket, to his strong chin, to his high cheek bones, to his eyes. those ocean blue eyes.
“there she is – why are you so nervous, it’s just me!” he pulled her close.
she embraced him then pulled back staring at his face.
“i can’t believe this is finally happening – you’re really here” 
they walked hand in hand into the hall – excited for the next 7 days. 

hopefully you enjoyed the story. check out the fiction tab up top for more.

get your posts ready for frankly friday tomorrow – i know mine is going to be really raw. 

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