Memory Boxes…

So i saw this pin a while ago and knew i wanted to replicate it once my trip was over this past summer. 
{which i just now realized i never finished posting about…hmm…maybe i’ll write a few more posts}
. . .
I ended up going to Michaels craft store to see what kind of boxes they had in stock. 
Truthfully i couldn’t find anything that had a flat front (without hinges or a lock) so i landed on these two boxes. I wish they were a bit longer so all of my maps could fit in without me having to fold them – but you make do with what you can find right?
I used some of my sample paint jars from when i was deciding what to paint the foyer hallway.
I wanted a “washed” look on the boxes so the wood grain would show through a little.
In order to get that look i grabbed a plastic cup with some water and some paper towels. 
I used one of my sponge brushes, dipped it in paint, then water, dabbed a little on the paper towel and started painting the box, easy peasy.  

I had bought some stencil letters to make “scotland” & “ireland” all professional and pretty.
Wouldn’t you know that i could not find them when it was time for me to write on the box.
So i said screw it and just freehanded some bubble letters.
Are the perfect? heck no – but they work for now!
I used some paint pens i happened to have in my craft box – i currently can’t remember which kind.

. . .
I could see so many uses for boxes like this – a graduation party, babies first birthday, wedding cards…the possibilities are endless. I will definitely be making more as the years (and trips) go on.

So that was one of my latest little diy projects.
Have you done any diy lately?

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  • I saw thiose boxes and thought they were GREAT! I currently have my keepsakes in bags and manilla envelopes shoved away in closests. SAD!

    I especially love your Ireland box – I'm going through a major gold obsession right now! The latches actually seem like a great idea…I mean, I can just see myself grabbing one off of a shelf and DUMPING it eveywhere, if it wasn't latched shut. What are your plans to store/display them?

  • What a great idea! And I actually like the free-hand look better than the stenciled look =)

  • Oooh… love this idea!

  • very cute! and so much less time consuming than scrap booking!

  • oooh so fun! i've seen that pin too and LOVE it. i need to try this soon! 🙂

  • What an amazing idea!!!! I love memory boxes! 🙂

  • How fun! And such a great way to keep all your "memories" from the trip in one spot.

  • Yep! Stealing this idea!

  • This is such a good idea! I always thought of doing like shadow boxes, but I like these better because they can be personalized more. Great job on yours! 🙂

  • Such a cute idea!

  • I LOVE this idea!! And what perfect timing for me to see it, haha!

  • LOVE this idea! I saw it on Pinterest awhile ago as well. I have one box for all my travel knickknacks, but organizing them makes more sense!

  • wow! This is such a GREAT idea. 🙂 I actually studied abroad in Europe this past semester and had the opportunity to check out a bunch of different countries… So I've been looking for a fun/easy way to collect all the trinkets I've picked up along the way.

    This? This is it. 🙂 I WANT TO MAKE THIS. <3
    Thanks you so much for sharing. I will def keep you posted if this actually happens.


    XO. J.